You can order the products with insufficient stock on the page, taking into account the stone and metal colours, within the minimums determined for that product.

To order the product with insufficient stock, you need to write the desired amount in the empty box on the detail page of the product you selected and send it to the order page by clicking the “Add to Order” button. You can go to the order page and update the number of the product from there. If there are any changes you want to make for the product to be manufactured, you can write your requests in the box under the heading “Notes”. The texts written in the boxes under the heading Notes are sent to us with your order. You can make special requests for each product and you can send us your special requests for your order, if any, from the "General Note" section located at the bottom of the page.

To complete your order and send it to us, you need to click the “Complete My Order” button at the bottom of the page. If you do not want to order the product, you can click the “Notify When in Stock” button and you can be notified by mail when the product is in our stocks.

To start the production of custom production orders, order confirmation and delivery date must be provided by our customer representatives and 20% of the total amount must be sent to us as a down payment. 

Except in special circumstances (defective production/improper product), we do not accept the return of sold and delivered products and refund the payment to the customer. allows you to buy other products that correspond to the sales value of the related products.

In orders that are approved by our company to be produced and down payment of which is received, the order cannot be cancelled in any way, except that there is a production-related problem. In case of cancellation, the down payment made is not returned to the customer.

For detailed information, please contact our customer representatives.

If you inform us within 7 business days from the delivery date of the product(s), returns are accepted after the necessary checks are made. If the products are in stock at that time, we will send you the same products again.

However, does not refund money for products that are not in stock and that cannot be produced. Our customer representatives will contact you to send other products, the value of which corresponds to the sales value of the returned products. In special cases, different alternatives can be offered by our customer representatives to create a solution.

From the Bank Accounts section on, you can make your payment to the relevant account number according to the currency you will pay. For your purchases from stock, orders that are not paid within the first 2 business days after your order is approved by us are cancelled. Regarding the new products, 20% of the total amount must be deposited into our account as a down payment after our customer representatives contact you and you receive the production approval. Production is not started if the down payment is not made. Also, please do not forget to specify the order number on the “My Orders” page when making payment.

You can also access our Bank Account information via

After logging in, you can check the status of all your current orders by clicking on “My Orders” under the menu.

You can also access the cargo tracking number of your order from the “My Orders” page after your order is delivered to the cargo company.

After completing your transactions, you can follow your shopping (stock and custom orders) recorded on the main page by clicking on the “Complete My Order” button on the “My Orders” page under the menu.

You can also view your order in different currencies on the “My Orders” page and download it to your computer as a PDF. You can also access the “My Orders” page via

Payment must be made within the first 2 business days after the order you give for the products in stock is confirmed by us. Your products will be shipped immediately after payment (excluding public holidays). Cargo delivery dates vary by country and region. Our customer representatives will contact you in this process.

Yes. is an organization that do shipments both domestically and internationally. In purchases made from abroad, shipping cost varies according to the country of delivery and the package weight.

Depending on the country's customs law, customs duty and additional charges are covered by you (customer). If you want to return the products you have ordered from abroad without any defect arising from our company, customs tax, shipping cost, and additional costs are covered by you (customer) as per the customs law.

To make your shopping easier, the products you add to the cart will continue to appear in your cart unless you delete them. However, to ensure that members can benefit from the opportunities equally, the products in your shopping cart are not reserved for you. Even if the product is in your cart, the product may be run out because it is not reserved for you. When you click the “Complete My Order” button and complete your order, then the products you selected are reserved for you.

The time to reserve the products for you is 24 hours after the approval of the customer representative. If the payment is not made within this period, the reservation will be cancelled and the products will be returned to your cart.

You can follow your reservation time and all your order information from your “My Orders” page.

The estimated value of your shipping cost appears at the bottom of the orders you create. It differs according to the region and package weight.

Yes, if it is confirmed by the customer representative that it can be produced, you can order the models you want to buy in silver if the model is gold or in gold if the model is silver.

After adding the models you want to be produced with different types of minerals to your order, you can specify it in the “Notes” section.

The minimum production requirements that differ depending on the product are applied for the products requested by you and to be produced specially.

The minimum conditions in Gold and Silver fancy products are displayed in the warning button when you click the “Add to Order” button to order the product. In chain products, minimum amounts ​​are displayed in the warning field on the lines in the order.

When ordering all products containing silver mineral, the “minimum” perception applies on a model basis. In other words, you can distribute the different metal and stone colours of the same model within the minimum value of the product. If the model is the same, different stone and metal colour orders can be combined with a single minimum.

For example, if the minimum order quantity of a model is 20, you can create orders to meet this condition in different stone and metal colours.

For products containing gold minerals, the minimum condition applies on a model, setting and colour basis. For the different colours and different carats of the same product, the minimum condition must be met separately. is a platform where Midas Pazarlama ve Dış Tic. A.Ş, which has been carrying out its business as a wholesaler in the jewellery industry in Nuruosmaniye since 1983, offers gold and silver products to its precious customers through its renewed website.

The search for innovation brought by customer-oriented management and the accompanying need for developing a user-friendly system and meeting customer requests instantly has made it necessary for us to develop this platform.

It constantly develops new strategies to be successful in today’s competitive environment, to predict changing business conditions, and to respond quickly to these changes. Our goal is to provide a quality service to our customers by always aiming to be the best in the sector with an innovative, strong and developing management approach.

With our B2B platform, you can review our products 24/7, order instantly, shop from our stocks and quickly contact our customer representatives.

On the detail page of the product, you will see information about the stock quantities determined according to the carat, metal colour and stone colour of that product (The colour of the metal may look different in the photo of the product. The colour written under the metal colour title on the product detail page represents the actual colour of the product currently open on the page).

After specifying the amount you want, you can add the product to your cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button. You can see the products you have added to your cart by clicking the “Cart” button located on the top right corner of the page and you can update the amount according to the stock, and instantly follow the currently active or reserved stock status of the products. To complete your order and send it to us, you need to click the “Complete My Order” button at the bottom of the page. 

Yes, you can purchase both gold and silver products that are available in stocks at the same time through the and you can order products that are out of stock.

Thanks to the “GOLD” and “SILVER” buttons on the page title, you can easily switch between the two product groups.

The gold and silver products you purchase or order from stock are displayed together on the cart and order pages. If you want to purchase the minerals separately, you can use the filters at the bottom of the cart or order page.

Yes, you need to sign up to see our full product range and prices, to buy products from stock and to give customized orders. Moreover, when you sign up, you can follow your orders and shopping, communicate with our customer representatives and be informed about campaigns and announcements.

For your other requests, you can contact us via the “contact us” section on the website.

The products in the photos on represent the same colour and model of the stone you ordered. However, metal colours may differ. When you enter the detail page of the product you selected, the colour of the product opened on that page is the colour written under the heading “Metal Color” (It may differ with the photo. You should take the colour written under the heading “Metal Color” into consideration).

The stock information specified on the same page is applicable for the colour written under the heading “Metal Color”.

To access the details of any product you choose from the homepage on, simply click on it. You will be directed to the product detail page, and this page displays colour, setting, standard size, standard gram and photo information of the relevant product.

Also, a discount may be made for some products periodically by our company. You should actively follow our website to be informed about the campaigns and discounted products. You can also follow them via the announcements, the headings on the website or the notifications we send in line with your consent. 

In, a category structure has been created to ensure easy access to the products. This structure hierarchically categorizes the sub-breakings of the jewellery sector, especially the types of minerals. In addition to this structure, you can also access the products with the help of keywords in the search section.

You can also access the targeted product group by using the filters “Date”, “Gram”, “Price” and “Availability”.

If you have previously signed up for our website but do not remember your password, please follow the following steps: click the “I Forgot My Password” button on the homepage and enter the e-mail address you used to create your account in the relevant box. If you click the “Reset My Password” button, an e-mail to set your new password will be sent to you. You will be directed to the password change screen by clicking the “Reset My Password” link in the e-mail you received.

You can also update your password by entering your old and new passwords in the “Change My Password” section on the “My Account” page. You can also access the password update screen via the following link:

The security of the personal information of our visitors is very important to us. uses the highest security measures to collect and store personal data. Your personal information is not shared with third parties and is kept confidential by is a wholesale website. For your membership process to be accepted, you must officially carry on a business in the jewellery industry.

After clicking the “Sign up” button on the homepage, you need to fill in the relevant sections on the pop-up sign up form. Then, you should enter the confirmation code sent to your mobile phone in the field that is presented to you on the screen.

You can follow the confirmation of your membership request through the information e-mail sent to your e-mail address. Please make sure that the mobile phone number you have provided is a valid number to complete your membership.