Orders received by us may be cancelled if the customer has not made the payment within the specified period, the product is not available in the stocks or it is not possible to manufacture the product. does not accept the return of products sold and does not refund money to the customer. However, in special cases (defective manufacture/improper product), it offers you to buy another product equivalent to the sales value of the relevant product. Return conditions shall be determined with the customer representative.

If you receive an improper product and inform us within 7 working days from the date of purchase, the return of the product(s) will be accepted after the necessary checks will be made. If the relevant product(s) is available in our stocks, the same product(s) will be shipped to you.

However, does not refund money for products that are not in stock and that cannot be manufactured. Our customer representatives will contact you to send other products equivalent to the sales value of the returned products. In special cases, our customer representatives may try to find solutions by offering different alternatives.